Professional Assistant Services

 That Infamous Bathroom

Have you ever been in a panic over the fact that you can’t find a desperately needed prescription that you know you put somewhere??  Or, what about needing a bandage? Nevermind the fact that you just ran out of shampoo!

Your bathroom…where the time spent getting ready for the day, the night or a weekend away can turn into mayhem if you are running late and can’t find what you need!

Your toiletries are in disarray, your medicine cabinet looks like a war zone and your makeup stash has turned to trash!  Yes, it’s time to clean up, clean out and get organized, once and for all.  Most people spend more time than they should getting ready because  they can’t find anything.  No need for this to go on any longer.  Along Came Mary’s  Professional Organizing Services will help you find your way and make getting ready for any occasion or just getting ready for the day a snap!

Call Along Came Mary’s Professional Organizing Services today at 404-422-7564, e-mail us at or click the link at the bottom of this page, and get ready to eliminate that source of stress that’s interfering with the quality of your life!