Professional Organizer

Do Your Closets Make You Crazy?

If getting ready in the morning has become a daunting task because you can’t find anything, it is probably time for a closet overhaul!!  Along Came Mary’s Professional Organizing Services are here to help you decide what to keep, toss or sell/donate.

Maybe your weight fluctuates, you’ve changed careers or just need a little lift…whatever the case may be, having a closet re-work refreshes your look, gives your wardrobe new life and helps getting ready in the morning that much easier.  Just think how good it will feel to be able to find the shoes, jacket or the top you’ve been looking for!  We will arrange your closet by color/style/season to make getting ready in the morning a breeze!  We will also get you new hangers and other organizational items to help your closet stay neat and organized!

Let’s not forget to mention the linen closet!  It often gets overlooked, but isn’t it time to give away old linens and get down to just the ones you love and use, just like your clothes closet?  All those towels, blankets, sheets and comforters that go unused can certainly be put to good use elsewhere!

Please contact us via phone at 404-422-7564, e-mail at or through the link at the bottom of this page.  We offer a FREE one-hour consultation before we start work so you can better  understand how the process works.