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 How Can a Professional Organizer Help You?

A Professional Organizer can help you in so many ways!  If you find yourself “trapped” underneath the rubble of your paperwork, your clothes or your out-of-control kitchen, Along Came Mary’s Professional Organizing Services will work wonders for you!

Just to name a few ways we can help:

  • Get rid of clutter
  • Donate, recycle, sell or throw out unused items
  • Reorganize your home and develop a plan to keep it organized

You will be surprised the calm and relief you will feel after the clutter is gone and you can live a peaceful life in your own home! It’s also very fascinating to note that when your home is organized, all of the other facets of your life are in better balance!  It’s all about serenity, calm and order. If the feeling you get around your home is chaotic, hectic, out-of-sorts, etc., well, your inner self probably feels the same way.  Being organized is not just about organizing your sock drawer…it’s getting your life, home and health in order.

There are some projects that are just too big or overwhelming for you and often, you don’t know where to begin.  That is where Along Came Mary comes in.  We can see the calm through the forest that you sometimes can’t see. In addition to organizing your home, Along Came Mary can:

  • Sell items for you on-line through various websites. We take the picture, describe the item and can take care of the transaction, if applicable.
  • Purchase your organizational items for you, such as bins, baskets, containers,  drawer separators, etc.
  • Contract with outside vendors to haul away large/heavy items after the project is finished.

Along Came Mary is your complete solution to home organization, whether it is your closet or the garage! Call Along Came Mary today at 404-422-7564,  contact us via e-mail at or message us through the link at the bottom of this page.  We also offer a FREE one-hour consultation before work begins!

Happy Organizing!!