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Could You Use Help Moving?

Moving…one of the most dreaded and stressful events you’ll ever undertake!  Are you moving to or from Atlanta?  If so, you could probably use Along Came Mary’s Moving Services because you’re probably busy at work and come home exhausted, right?  The last thing you want to do is bubble wrap all of those dishes!  Along Came Mary’s Moving Services can get you from stacks of cardboard boxes to live-in ready…you don’t need to worry about a thing!

What are the Advantages of Hiring Along Came Mary’s Moving Services?

  • TIME, TIME, TIME…need we say more??
  • No Worrying…It’s All Done!
  • Just Show Up and Live!!

What Moving Services Can You Use???

Along Came Mary’s Moving Services can:

  • Pack and Unpack Boxes from or for a Move
  • Assist with the Logistics of a Move
  • Arrange for Pick-Up of Unwanted Items
  • Facilitate Sale of Unwanted and/or Valuable Items
  • Get New Home Live-In Ready

In addition to the moving process, Along Came Mary’s Moving Services work with a local junk/trash hauling service to help you get larger items (such as furniture, appliances and other large items) taken to a donation center, recycling center or to the dump.  No need to worry about all that unwanted stuff!

Along Came Mary’s Moving Services can also assist with the selling of valuable items.  We will take the pictures, create a description of the items and do our best to get them sold for you.

One thing that Mary Snelson Dodd, Owner of  Along Came Mary, really stresses is to de-clutter/clean out your old home BEFORE moving to your new home! This alleviates a lot of double duty come packing and unpacking time.  There’s no need to spend precious time packing up things you’re just going to throw away anyway!  This is one of the best ways that Along Came Mary’s Professional Organizing and Moving Services can help you before moving day!

Call Along Came Mary, Professional Organizing & Personal Assistant Services,  at 404-422-7564 today to inquire about our Moving Services today or send us an e-mail at for more information.  You can also message us through the link at the bottom of this page.