Professional Organizing Services

Welcome to Along Came Mary, Atlanta’s premier Professional Organizing and Personal Assistant Services that people like to keep to themselves!

Along Came Mary specializes in providing Professional Organizing and Personal Assistant services to individuals and families in the metro Atlanta area. Our Professional Organizing Services include de-cluttering and re-organizing, packing and unpacking from/for a move, garage/estate sale assistance, and much, much more.  Our Personal Assistant Services include Errand Running, Personal Shopping, Selling Unwanted Items, and a plethura of other services.Came Mary is owned and operated by Mary Snelson Dodd, a native of Atlanta, GA,  who thrives on making her clients smile!  Whether you have too much clutter or just have too much to do, Along Came Mary can handle it!    

Why Do I Need a Professional Organizer?

Many people are so busy trying to keep a handle on their work and family life that they just don’t have the energy or the time to organize their home.  Whether you need help restoring order in your chaotic closet or need help moving (packing and unpacking), Along Came Mary can help.  

                     How does this work, exactly?


This is a three-step process:

1.  De-Clutter 2.  Sort into Three Categories (Keep, Sell/Donate/Recycle, Trash) 3.  Re-Organize What is Left It’s that simple! No job is too big for Along Came Mary’s team!

The end result will be:

1.  Restored Order and No More Chaos 2.  Reduced Clutter 3.  Renewed Spirit…This Is Where the Peace and Calm Comes In!!  

Why Do I Need a Personal Assistant?

Personal Assistant Services In addition to providing Professional Organizing Services,  Along Came Mary also provides an array Personal Assistant services such as:

    • Errand Running


  • Personal Shopping



  • Virtual Administrative Assistance



  • Home Wait Service




    Ready to get started???

Along Came Mary, Professional Organizing & Personal Assistant Services,  has hourly packages designed to accommodate every lifestyle and budget.  Call Along Came Mary today for a free one-hour consultation with Mary Snelson Dodd, Owner of Along Came Mary. We can be reached via phone at  404-422-7564, via e-mail at, or by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Thank you, in advance, for visiting us to learn more about how Along Came Mary, Professional Organizing and Personal Assistant Services, can help you.  We are ready to help you create the calm and peaceful life that you deserve!

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